water: approx 1/4 cup of water* every 4-6 weeks. less is more. cactus love sun but can be more tolerant than succulents if not enough sun.

light: full sun indoors: within 3 feet of a very sunny window (typically south or west- facing windows). if outdoors, place in dappled or indirect sun/very bright shade.

  water some


water: about 1/4-1/3 cup of water (like the mad plant scientist you are) near plant perimeter every 2-4 weeks depending on climate. let soil dry between waterings.

light: within 3 feet of a dappled sun window (typically south or east-facing windows). sun should dapple upon or very near leaf surface. plants will grow long & leggy if not receiving adequate sun. if outdoors, place in very bright shade under protective overhang.



water: but not to soaking. let soil dry slightly between waterings. mist leaves when climate is hot or dry.

light: within 8 feet of a bright sunny window or directly in front of a North facing window.