Collaborators: People we love for their hearts and hands.


Britton Neubacher

Originator of the hanging eco-orb terrarium, Britton Neubacher began Tend out of her love for all things mini, modern and green. Her background in social services and community activism led her to eventually bond with plants as the preferred venue for self-transformation. Whether showcasing the inherent artistry in nature or just bringing life to the spaces we inhabit, Britton’s exploration of living art helps reinvent the way we see plants while empowering us to be their happy caretakers. Britton would like to reside in a tiny magical garden where people take care of their world and are good to each other. She believes that in stewarding your own little plant world, you will never be far from home.
TEND came to be through the encouragement of its creative community and Britton is  (((t h r i l l e d)))  to return the support via this collective showcasing effort.


Jason Xavier Lane
JXL Studios

Jason Lane is the Principle of JXL Studio and a senior partner of Bells & Whistles Design/Build, the San Diego team responsible for popular destinations like The Starlite, The Smoking Goat, and UCSD’s The Loft. Lane sharpened his early creative teeth as front man for the infamous Aktionist Art Group Crash Worship and as a prop designer for clients such as Dita Von Tesse and Fantasy Inc. The Golly Pods came to life in a moment of playful reverie but frenzied attention from the international design circuit has demanded that JXL Studio make them a sell-able reality. Long-time friend Britton Neubacher is honored to collaborate with Lane by offering TEND stylings for his inspired creations and be the first to offer Golly Pods to the world…and beyond.


Scott Caligure
Flight Feather Photo

Visual artist Scott Caligure has what he describes as ‘an intrinsic connection with ever-awe-inducing nature.’ This connectedness is evident in his most recent collection of avian and botanical photographs. He sights a return to a youthful sense of wonder at the inherent dreamlike magic found within wilderness as the inspiration behind these images. Coupled with a background in 35mm and medium format film/darkroom processing techniques (posterization, Van Dyke, various x-processes), his bold use of colors and form within the frame is a natural extension of these classic skills updated with today’s digital imaging possibilities. However, it could be noted that none of these images are enhanced or edited with the help of programs such as Photoshop etc… “I’m definitely more akin to a traditionalist with concerns to photography. Typically full frame, in-camera edits/fx, and overall awareness of light.” Even a cursory glance at his latest photos reveal his uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time, though you’d likely hear him say its simply a calm patience and awareness that leads to genuine communion within nature. Scott’s deep reverence for nature enraptured Britton the moment they met. She daily admires his visual (and dedicated!) portrayal of Tend –seen almost entirely throughout its 7 year portfolio– as other-worldly and full of l o v e with a capital L.


Erin Rivera Merriman Bearhead Factory

bearhead factory
Bearhead Factory Jewelry was launched in 2005 by metalsmith Erin Rivera Merriman. Merriman studied sculpture at Pratt institute in Brooklyn New York, where she volunteered in a maximum security prison, studied herbal medicine, and participated in numerous group shows of her sculpture and paintings before moving to an earthship in the high desert of New Mexico to focus on more fully developing her jewelry line. Inspired by Carl Jung, graphic novels, anatomy, forces of nature, mythology and mysticism, each piece is hand carved in wax and cast in metal in her studio, currently located in San Diego, CA.
Britt was blinded by stardust when she met Erin and the creative energy between them grows weekly out of control. Tend is grateful to explore new dimensions with Bearhead Factory never before imagined.

Blodgett Glass

Buzz Blodgett
Blodgett Glass

Blodgett Glass
Buzz Blodgett has been creating in glass since 1969 when his father built a glass furnace and introduced him to glassblowing. While Buzz was attending college, he worked with his Dad and they began to sell their glasswork. After Buzz graduated, they developed a line of glass wind chimes that were marketed nationally.
In 1978, a Swedish glassblower visited and taught them new styles and techniques. Infused with this new knowledge, new designs began to emerge from the studio along with a large improvement in the quality of the their work. Always an avid surfer living near the beach, Buzz began to develop work with an marine feel to it.
After his father passed away in 1991, Buzz took over the operation of Blodgett Glass. His love for the “art side of glass” has now moved him more towards that market, and he is being represented more and more by galleries and fine art glass stores.
Blodgett Glass was the first to bring TEND’s glass imaginations to life and we love that he humors our every idea, even the annoying ones.

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Jetter Green

Jetter Green
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Lucky Stripe
Glass artist, Lea de Wit, creates sculptures, wall hangings, and vessels that delight and inspire. She has received instruction at Scuola del Vetro, Abate Zanetti, in Murano, Italy, at Red Deer College in Canada, at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York, at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Deer Isle, Maine. She received a scholarship to study with Mary Van Cline at the Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina. She has studied under Italian glassblowing masters, Pino Signoretto, Elio Quarisa, and Davide Salvadore, and renowned glass sculpture artist, Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen. Her passion for the medium shows in her attention to detail. Her work is part of art collections at Marriott Irvine, Rady Childrenʼs Hospital, Vista Civic Center, LʼAuberge Del Mar, Professional Hospital Supply, Inc., Aveda Corporation, and Vistage International, Inc., as well as other corporate and private collections nationwide.
Collaborating with Tend is a treat because these beautifully simple, organic shapes paired with Britt’s outrageously cool botanical designs prove to be the perfect match.