H E L P F U L  T I P S


Using syringe provided, s l o w l y inject water around plant perimeter like the mad plant scientist you are. Hot or dry weather? Increase H20! Cold or wet weather? Decrease H20! If you choose to water less often, increase the amount you water at each interval.

Moisture meters take the guesswork out: available at most plant nurseryʼs and hardware stores. Water when meter reads:

“5” or under for TROPICALS

“3” or under for SUCCULENTS

“2” or under for CACTUS

Feed with plant food Spring-Summer (anything but Miracle Grow).

Use hook appropriate to your ceiling. Hang with well knotted fishing line/monofiliment, picture hanging wire, or twine.

Do not lift orbs by their hook.

See T R O U B L E S H O O T I N G  tips for pest control and other signs of distress.