TEND was born in 2006 as a response to founder Britton Neubacher’s observation of the profound effect plant life had on her Social Work clientele. Non-profit program resources were limited and plants became an easy way to decorate and create an inviting space. But something much more powerful began to happen the greater the presence of living greens. Upon entering these greened spaces, an audible deep breath would fall over people seeking solace and their shoulders would drop in a visibly relaxed state. What was a crisis drop-in center became a tranquil sanctuary where program utilization increased and even rival gang members laid down their arguments to sit quietly together during their free time. Seeking her own respite from the high stress of Social Service work, Neubacher began building miniature versions of these sanctuaries in the form of the first Eco Orb; a high-style hanging glass terrarium utilizing serene, modern design with imaginative plants. The mental transcendence these terrariums would inspire, and their wide-spread popularity further confirmed the power of plants to enhance our well-being and imagination

TEND has since grown into a thriving outfit offering green walls, interiorscaping, specialized landscaping, and most recently the design of wellness and healing spaces. By providing a joyful and honoring format for the high art of nature, TEND creations encourage a reverent and inspired connection with our planet beginning right at home.

Principle Designer and Owner Britton Neubacher is looking to uplift lives one beautiful creation and cultivated space at a time, and she would love to hear from you!
we r e c o g n i z e plants as teachers, healers, allies, and the balancers of energy.
we c e l e b r a t e an intrins

ic bond between humans and the natural world.
we honor the intelligence and positive implications of plant life upon our bodies and spirits.
we b e l i e v e every intentionally placed and tended plant is an act of restitution to our planet.

TEND designs are a love poem to the big botanical body that so generously hosts us.